For centuries, pilgrims from diverse backgrounds flocked by the thousands to Mont-Saint-Michel, thus weaving a dense network of routes called the “Chemins Montais”.


Defying time, Mont Saint-Michel has always been the focal point for thousands of pilgrims and visitors. Founded in the eighth century by Aubert, Bishop of Avranches, it was with Rome, Saint-Jacques de Compostela and Jerusalem one of the four largest pilgrimage shrines of medieval Christianity. Part of this network is found in la Manche: the paths of Cherbourg and the paths of Barfleur.

The paths of Cherbourg

Distance : 202 km

Number of stages : 9


> Cherbourg – Les Pieux

> Les Pieux – Barneville-Carteret

> Barneville-Carteret – Denneville

> Denneville – Lessay

> Lessay – Ancteville

> Ancteville – Hauteville-sur-Mer

> Hauteville-sur-Mer – Granville

> Granville – Saint-Jean-le-Thomas

> Saint-Jean-le-Thomas – Le Mont-Saint-Michel

Vacances en Normandie

The paths of Barfleur 

Distance : 192

Number of stages : 8

> Barfleur – Montebourg

> Montebourg – Carentan

> Carentan – Périers

> Périers – Coutances

> Coutances – Cérences

> Cérences – La Haye-Pesnel

> La Haye-Pesnel – Saint-Jean-le-Thomas

> Saint-Jean-le-Thomas - Genêts


Things to see near the  paths of CherbourgHoliday in Normandy


- Cherbourg and the world’s largest artificial harbour
- The landscapes of the Côte des Havres, unique in Europe
- Coutances and its cathedral
- Mont-Saint-Michel and the Bay





Holiday Normandy

Things to see near the  paths of Barfleur

- Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue and the Vauban towers listed World Heritage by UNESCO
- The landscapes of the Regional Nature Park of Cotentin and Bessin
- Coutances and its cathedral
- Mont-Saint-Michel and the Bay