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37 private gardens to explore in the Manche


The Cotentin Côté Jardins association currently has 37 gardens spread throughout the Manche. The owners of these gardens, which range from small to very large in size, are all keen to share their love of plants and flowers with visitors.


Discover the world of horticulture by visiting these sumptuous private grounds.


There are gardens to visit from Cap de La Hague to Mont Saint-Michel, including in the countryside of the Norman Bocage, and along the west coast. Situated in towns, in the countryside or by the sea, each garden is home to a very different horticultural collection. Camellias, rose trees, perennials, aquatic plants, succulents, sequoias, apple trees, and mimosas are some of the species of plants and flowers you can discover during a stroll in one of these 37 private gardens in the Manche.


Why not visit them during the May and Whit bank holiday weekends? It is at this time of year that the gardens are at their most beautiful.



Opening dates in 2019:

     5 to 9 May
    18-19 May
25-26 May
    31 May to 2 June
7 to 10 June
    15-16 June  
29-30 June
    6-7 July
13-14 July
    20-21 July
27-28 July
    31 August-1st Septembre
    7-8 September
    26-27 October

(We recommend checking directly with each individual garden to confirm their opening dates).

> Discover the 37 private gardens of Cotentin Côté Jardins